Plastic Surgery

Wound reconstruction, scar revision, anti-drool surgery, skin surgery (nasal, forehead and vulvar folds) and other procedures

Advanced Veterinary offers a selection of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries for pets. Cosmetic procedures are elective and often meant for enhancing a pet’s appearance, whereas reconstructive procedures are usually medically necessary and meant to improve a pet’s health and quality of life.

When you bring in your pet for a procedure, we will make sure that your four-legged friend is comfortable and safe throughout any plastic surgery he/she undergoes.

These are some of the most common plastic surgery procedures for pets:

  • Tail Docking – An elective surgery meant for cosmetic purposes, tail docking is performed on puppies aged 2 to 5 days old to meet breed standards.
  • Skin Fold Reduction (Surgery or Botox) – Pugs, bloodhounds and other breeds with excessive quantities of wrinkles or skin folds on their face, back, tail and vulva are prone to skin infections and parasite infestations. Reducing the number of skin folds through surgery or Botox can help prevent the onset of infestations and infections.
  • Devocalization or Debarking – When a dog’s barking or a cat’s meowing is so loud and excessive that it’s causing legal issues and neighborly disputes, devocalization or debarking is the go-to surgical procedure to fix the problem. This is an elective surgery.
  • Nose Surgery – Some dogs (mostly flat-nosed breeds) are unfortunate enough to have noses that don’t work properly, causing a number of breathing issues which affect their quality of life. Nose surgery fixes that problem by opening the restrictive airways to allow for easier breathing.
  • Declawing – Though declawing is mainly an elective procedure, there are some cases when it’s medically necessary, such as when tumors exist or the claws are damaged and are beyond repair.
  • Liposuction – Some tissue growth and fatty deposits in animals have a tendency to be cancerous or very harmful to the health. This surgery is performed to remove these health risks.
  • Neuticles – This elective surgery is used to reduce the emasculating feeling that comes with neutering. It involves replacing a pet’s testicles with silicone.
  • Oral Surgery – In some cases, the breathing problems of pets aren’t due to nose defects alone, but are caused by a combination of restrictive airways in the mouth, throat and nostrils. In cases like these, oral surgery is performed to fix the airway restriction issue and improve a pet’s ability to breathe normally. Pets with serious dental problems are also good candidates for oral surgeries.
  • Orthodontics – This elective procedure is designed to fix a pet’s crooked teeth and misaligned bites, which can cause serious gum disease if left unchecked. It involves attaching traditional metal braces to a pet’s teeth in order to fix the misaligned bite problem.
  • Cleft Lip Surgery – Designed for pets who are unfortunate enough to have a cleft lip, this reconstructive surgery is elective and can improve a pet’s appearance as well as his/her ability to eat and drink.


Our clinic has the knowledge, skills and tools to handle a wide variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures on pets, and some of the surgeries we offer are mentioned in the list above.

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