Our Rescue Work

Dr. Jackson has a genuine passion to extend his expertise to rescue dogs and cats. In 2017, he was featured on several local news stations along with LIFE Rescue Organization, for successfully rehabilitating Abigail, a badly injured bait dog used for dog fighting. He then deservedly won the prestigious and competitive National Rescue Dog of the Year Award in Los Angeles, CA.

Love is Fur Ever (LIFE) Dog Rescue

LIFE Dog Rescue is a Christian-based organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned and neglected dogs, and helping them find loving homes. They believe that every life has a purpose regardless of its past, and that every dog deserves a second chance to show the world how important they are.

LIFE Dog Rescue and Dr. Thomas Jackson have been rescue partners for a long time. With Dr. Thomas Jackson leading the way, Advanced Veterinary works with the folks at Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue to provide rescued animals with the veterinary care they need to get better and stay healthy.

Thanks to our collaborative efforts with Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue, we were able to successfully help and rescue two adorable pups: Abigail and Gabriel, as well as countless other animals.

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Abigail the Pit Bull

Abigail is an adorable pit bull with a kind and gentle soul, but her previous owner was terrible enough to use her as bait in a Miami dog-fighting ring. Despite the odds stacked against her, Abigail remained brave and courageous throughout her entire ordeal with her previous owner and managed to survive long enough for her to be rescued at Miami-Dade Animal Services by Love is Fur Ever. 

When Love is Fur Ever found Abigail, she was in terrible shape. Her white fur was black, her right ear was shredded and dangled from the side of her face, and the right side of her face was torn off. The rescue organization then took her straight to our clinic, where Dr. Thomas Jackson and his team did everything they could to nurse poor Abigail back to health.

After multiple treatments, surgeries, and skin grafts, Abigail is now much healthier and in better shape than she was before. She also wears a bonnet as a symbol of hope, forgiveness, and to put an end to dog fighting. However, her right ear couldn’t be saved.


Gabriel the Pit Bull Mix

Gabriel is another pit bull who was surrendered to Miami-Dade Animal Services and rescued by Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue. When LIFE Dog Rescue picked up the badly abused pup, he was severely underweight and had chemical burns, bite marks, bone fractures, pneumonia, and plenty of other injuries and diseases. In other words, he was in an extremely terrible condition.

LIFE Dog Rescue took poor Gabriel straight to Dr. Thomas Jackson, who determined that the dog was less than 48 hours from dying by the time Gabriel was brought to him.

Dr. TJ and his team wasted no time and proceeded to treat all of Gabriel’s injuries and wounds. Dr. TJ even spent several nights by Gabriel’s side at the clinic to ensure that Gabriel’s constant need for medical attention is met. After numerous treatments and surgeries, Gabriel was able to recover from all of the neglect and abuse he sustained from his previous owner and is now a happy and healthy dog.