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Mange in Pets

Dear D. Jackson, My friend told me my dog looks like he has the ‘mange’. He isn’t even itching and I don’t see any bugs on him. What do you think? Confused
Dear Confused, There are three types of mange that you may have heard about. Let me describe them to you so that you may be better able to distinguish your particular problem.

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Schnauzer with Warts

Dear Dr. Jackson, I have an 11-year-old Schnauzer and he has several pink warts on his back. I was told to use Compound W or have them removed. Is there any other kind of treatment for them? S.L.
Dear S.L., Skin issues are a very large part of veterinary medicine. So large, in fact, some veterinarians have become dermatology specialists and only treat skin conditions.

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Veterinarian, UC Davis graduate, emphasis in Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Pain Control
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