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Spay or Neuter your Pet?

Dear Dr. Jackson, Would you please address the fact that spaying the females and neutering the males would not harm their pet, but actually benefit them and the community?

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Behavior Problems following Hospitalization

Dear Dr. Jackson, My cat Fluffy just came home from the veterinary hospital and is being rejected by my other cat. Is this common and what should I do? AH
Dear G.B., What you and Fluffy are experiencing is common and normal in many households.

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Dehydration- Hot Dogs and Thirsty Cats

Dear Dr. Jackson, I have 3 pets and try to take good care of them. My kitten is sick and I am concerned about dehydration. I haven’t seen her drink much water although she still is eating. What signs and symptoms should I look for? E.R.

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A Puppy Purchasing Dilemma

Dear Dr. Jackson, The puppy my family is looking to purchase has only one testicle. The breeder said the other one would ‘come down’ in a few months and not to worry. Should I still buy this puppy or would you advise me to wait?

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Losing a Pet?

Dear Dr. Jackson, After my older dog passed away, I became very sad and depressed. Then I found a web site that had nice story with music called “The Rainbow Bridge.” Would you please share this with your readers? E. S.
Dear E.S., Yes, most definitely. This story has helped provide closure for many of my clients.

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