Advanced Veterinary

Advanced Veterinary is a well-equipped, full-service veterinary clinic that exists to meet your pet’s veterinary care needs. We perform everything from regular checkups to standard pet care treatments to surgical procedures.

The clinic is owned by Dr. Thomas Jackson – an advanced veterinary physician who is passionate about helping and rescuing animals in need.

With over 12 years of experience in wellness care and advanced surgical procedures, Dr. Thomas Jackson maintains a passion for excellence in pet care well beyond many in his field.

Upon completing extensive veterinary training at St. Matthew’s University, North Carolina State, and the University of Guelph, Dr. Jackson practiced in Pennsylvania and Florida. In 2019, he founded the Advanced Veterinary Hospital to provide pet owners and local veterinarians high quality wellness and advanced medical and surgical care, at an affordable cost. After graduating with his doctorate, he became accomplished in extensive fracture repairs, total joint replacement, soft tissue surgery and wound care. 

Dr. Jackson has a genuine passion to extend his expertise to rescue dogs and cats. In 2017, he was featured on several local news stations along with LIFE Rescue Organization, for successfully rehabilitating Abigail, a badly injured bait dog used for dog fighting. He then deservedly won the prestigious and competitive National Rescue Dog of the Year Award in Los Angeles, CA.

In his free time, Dr. Jackson enjoys spending time with his family, waterskiing, playing the guitar, and studying nutrition.

The Advanced Veterinary Team

Just like you, we love animals. When your pet is sick, there is nothing more that you want than to make them feel better. We recognize the special bond between pet owners and animals and strive to strengthen this relationship through the best care and medicine available. 

With many years of combined experience of pet care and client relations, Dr. Jackson’s Advanced Team is focused on clear communication to provide a tailored plan for you and your pet’s needs. Dr Jackson’s physicians’ assistant, Destiny, has extensive training and experience to discuss and help resolve many conditions that may not need the doctor. Helping Destiny in pet and client care include Toni and Katie, both with years of experience. The Advanced Team remains committed to helping pets and their owners in any way they can.

At Advanced Veterinary, our purpose is to provide an individual experience where loving care and quality medicine meet.

The Clinic

Our clinic has grown over the years with the support of our clients: pet parents and their pets.

Everybody in our clinic, from the veterinarians to the staff, is committed to helping your pet live a happy and healthy life through exceptional veterinary care. We treat all of our patients with the same love and gentleness we would want for our own pets to receive, because we understand the significance of the bond that people share with their furry companions.

At Advanced Veterinary, we genuinely care about the well-being of our patients. So in order to help animals enjoy a lifetime of good health, we always strive to provide the highest quality veterinary care to them. We want to be there when they’re sick or hurt, and we will do our best to restore them back to health in the event that something terrible happens to them.

We’ve worked hard to establish a clinic that can provide the best possible care to patients with veterinary care needs, along with a comprehensive system that will meet these needs, regardless of how simple or complex the need is. Whether your family pet needs an anti-rabies vaccination, a standard wellness checkup, a dental cleaning, an oncology treatment, or an orthopedic surgery, we are here to help.

Our clinic features all of the high-quality equipment, tools and facilities required to provide outstanding veterinary care and service to your pet. These include modern laboratory diagnostics machines, x-ray systems, dental equipment, a modern surgical suite, a relaxing waiting area, and much more.


Advanced Veterinary is happy to assist! Please do not hesitate to text, call, or e-mail. Within minutes radiographs can be evaluated, discussed, and an estimated surgical treatment plan established